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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

"Well it looks like you've got breast cancer"


What. The. Fuck.


I never thought I would hear my name and the word cancer in the same sentence... especially not at 32. As far as I was concerned, I was still young, fit, and healthy. But there it was... a 5cm tumour sat uninvited and unwanted right there on my right chesticle (and my lymph nodes too as I later found out) changing my life forever.


Everything I was reading, all the information the hospital gave me, the resources, they were all aimed at much older women. Where were all the other 30 somethings that had had to have their tit chopped off, waiting the best part of a year before they could have reconstruction?! Juggling life with one boob, a toddler, and chemotherapy? I felt isolated and alone. 


Being diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe old age of 32 is one thing, but feeling like you're very much alone in your own "under 50's" party, is like adding insult to injury. I was desperate for some sort of reassurance... I wanted to find other, like minded women who had faced the C word and could offer me advice and encouragement. 


I couldn't find any. Everything was aimed at older women, I felt like an anomaly, and it was shit.


I got so fed up of the perception that breast cancer is a disease for the over 50's that I became determined other women wouldn't have to feel the same way I did. I've created this blog to share my story, raise awareness, and help any other young women who are facing cancer and looking for advice, inspiration, and hope. 


I still have a long way to go on my journey, but I hope that I can inspire others along the way.  I’ll be sharing all sorts from my fight with the Big C, to more light-hearted topics such as food, recipes, travel (post covid!) style and everything in between.


Welcome to Laura Through The Lens... 

All reviews and links are personal opinion and recommendation unless otherwise stated

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