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What to take with you on treatment days

I get asked a lot for advice around what you might need to take with you when you’re having chemo. Before starting chemo I literally had no idea what I would need to take with me. I read so many different bits of information and then compiled my own list which you might find helpful if you’re about to start your treatment.

Comfy clothes - I went for comfort over style for my chemo sessions, I knew I was going to be there a while and wanted to make the whole experience as easy as possible! I wore my white company cashmere loungewear, or smarter joggers with a shirt for most my sessions.

Warm socks - I’m a big fan of kicking off my shoes, pulling on some bed socks, and snuggling up.

Blanket - essential snuggling up item.

Cardigan - you want something that is easy to chuck on and off, a cardi is great because you can just wrap it around your shoulders if you get cold, avoiding any cannula issues.

Water - take double what you think you will need! I took about 6 bottles with me every time I went and just drank constantly to help get those drugs flushed through my system.

Snacks - something light, bland, and healthy. With the first chemo drug (EC) my nausea was pretty bad and started literally as soon as they started pumping it into my veins so I could only stomach the odd plain biscuit or an apple on infusion days.

Mints/ chewing gum - to help with the metallic taste

Something to entertain yourself - kindle/ book/ headphones/ colouring book/ soduku etc

Toiletries -

Toothbrush/ toothpaste/ mouthwash - I was brushing my teeth frequently throughout treatment due to issues with my mouth so I would recommend keeping these in your bag at all times so you can freshen up!

Lip balm

Hand sanitiser

Other items to consider -

Some people take a hat or a scarf for their head depending on the time of year if you don’t want to wear your wig


Heat pack (to help plump up those veins before they attempt the cannula!)

I hope this helps, as always, if you have any questions please just drop me a message and I’m always here to help

Until next time, check your boobs

L x

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